How is gold priced?


When many people buy gold jewelry, they are curious about how gold jewelry is priced. Gold jewelry is generally divided into two types: “priced by weight jewellery” and “fixed price jewellery.”

The price of “priced by weight jewellery” will be affected by two aspects: the gold value and the craftsmanship fee. The gold value will change according to the fluctuation of the international gold price, so it is relatively floating; on the contrary, the labor cost generally rarely changes.

As for “fixed price jewellery,”  most of the time the pricing will not be affected by fluctuations in gold prices. At present, the gold price is rising, but since the price of “fixed price jewellery” has not changed, the gold value obtained for the same price will increase due to the rise in the gold price.

What does “fixed priced jewelry” include? There are fixed gold, 18K gold, and even jewelry. The jewelry we wear is generally made of precious metals (gold/platinum) set with gemstones (diamonds/pearls/sapphires/rubies, etc.). When the price of gold rises, the gold value of the precious metal part of jewelry will increase.

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In addition, here are some hot-selling priced accessories recommended for you: 

Fixed price jewellery

Using innovative 5G multi-hard gold technology—dazzling fashionable facets, sparkling car decorations, etc.—we create new gold products with high-gloss mirror effects, that can reflect the dazzling light from different angles, creating a new fashion for gold jewelry.

Suggested accessories:

Pure gold mother-of-pearl geometric line pendant
Pure gold mother-of-pearl cherry blossom pendant
Pure gold mother-of-pearl cherry blossom pendant




Fashionable gold daily accessories break the stereotype of gold and re-examine the infinite possibilities of gold with an unconventional vision. The fashionable jewelry design can be easily matched with daily clothes to create your personal style.

Suggested accessories:

Pure gold star-shaped diamond earrings
Pure Gold Star Diamond Bracelet
Pure gold four-leaf clover diamond necklace
Pure gold four-leaf clover diamond earrings


Each charme made of pure gold carries the designer’s thoughts and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the jewelry craftsman. The small charm has a variety of styles and can be changed according to your mood and style, and you can use your creativity to combine it into your exclusive beaded bracelet.

Suggested accessories:

“Cultural Blessing Series” Pure Gold Dragon Charm
“Cultural Blessing Series” Pure Gold Dragon BB Charm
“Cultural Blessing Series” Pure Gold Charm
“Sanrio characters “Hello Kitty” Pure gold charm


Create a distinct sense of hierarchy through different flowers. The matte gold sandblasting effect combined with the brushing process makes the texture more prominent and looks elegant and chic.

Suggested accessories:

“Flowers” 999.9 gold bracelet

“Flowers” 999.9 gold ring

“Flowers” 999.9 gold rose earrings

“Flowers” 999.9 gold pendant

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