Where To Purchase Stylish Face Mask Online


The wearing of face masks publicly has changed in a mere matter of months from an eccentricity, or if not, an outright oddity. Just a couple of months ago, various brands were focused around making dresses, pants, infant garments, and other everyday textiles have propelled into action, adding cloth face masks in their production.  Thus, offering their customers a stylish approach in preventing the spread of Covid-19 when they need to venture out from home.

You might as well invest in a couple of washable face masks as this pandemic isn’t probably going to end at any point soon. Opt for the ones that worked to last and even look great, in their weird, new normal way. See below for a shortlist of stylish face masks that you can pre-order or purchase online.

Face Mask with Filter Inserts Included

Etsy is an incredible place to find a wide range of prints in case you are hoping to stock up on reasonable masks. Most of the face masks here are specifically handmade from crafty people wanting to do their part. With thousands of prints to choose from, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding something that suits your style, from floral to leopard print to silly fake mustaches. The masks, which come in a pocket for disposable filters, are also available in a variety of flower prints, graphic stripes, or zigzags.

Onzie Mindful Masks 2-Pack

Onzie’s non-medical face masks provide fantastic protection for you against possibly viral droplets on the air and for others if they might be sick. Onzie’s face masks are multi-layered and incorporate an exterior made to a great extent from spandex just as elastic ear bands. When paired together, these two stretchy components help guarantee a cozy fit. At Onzie, you cannot just pick the print of your choice, but rest assured that the entire brand’s offerings come in muted hues and pleasing abstract graphics.

Zazzle Decorative Custom Face Masks

In case you cannot find that one face mask that suits your style, Zazzle offers a customized face mask using your artwork, or you can use plain text instead. Whether you choose a white or black cotton base, you can easily customize online by uploading your preferred design. You also have the option to play around with Zazzle’s text formatting tool.

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Casetify Reusable Cloth Masks

For every purchase of a reusable cloth face mask from Casetify, it will trigger a donation of a face mask to a healthcare worker on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight. Casetify, by the way, is a company known for tech hardware accessories like Apple Watch phone cases or bands. And of course, you will get a sturdy, washable cloth face mask that features two removable filters that add to its efficacy.

Sanctuary Organic Cotton Masks 3-Pack

As you would anticipate from brands sold by Anthropolgie, these face masks are nearly as much about looks as function; fortunately, they function pretty well too. Produced using delicate natural cotton and with a shape that lets the masks settle near the jawline, nose, and mouth, these embellishing face masks feature filters for improved wearer protection.

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