Crafting Cool Vibes: 5 DIY Cute Accessories For This Summer


Crafting Cool Vibes: 5 DIY Cute Accessories For This Summer

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of summertime, envision bright, sun-soaked days, soaring temperatures, and the opportunity to unleash fabulous fashion statements. While uncertainties linger regarding the extent of our ability to fully embrace the season this year, let’s shift our focus towards extracting the essence of summer vibes through engaging and creative DIY cute accessories activities. Instead of dwelling on the challenges, let’s explore a myriad of enjoyable and leisurely projects that can infuse our days with the spirit of summer.

Embarking on the journey of crafting DIY summer accessories not only promises a delightful diversion but also allows us to immerse ourselves in the sheer joy of creation. The prospect of crafting these accessories becomes an avenue to stay creatively occupied and savor the essence of the season without the need for a specific stay-at-home context. Let’s delve into a realm of summer-inspired DIY cute accessories projects that effortlessly blend fun and creativity.

Summer-inspired DIY Cute Accessories

Adorable Seashell Hair Pins

Everyone is so excited to go out to dip in the pool or enjoy sunbathing on the beach with some friends while savoring some of the most beautiful scenery in the ocean. Thus, for DIY cute accessories, adding seashell hair pins can be a great way to add some style to your look as well as prevent those stray hairs from coming out of your face. To make these perfect beach hairpins, you will need these: hairpins, shells, 2-part epoxy, and nail polish (optional).

Stylish Flowery Sunglasses

When the summer sun becomes too intense, it’s time to wear sunglasses. However, if you’re with a large group of people, you might forget which pair is yours. With these DIY cute accessories tip can change your sunglasses into pretty ombre flower sunglasses. You don’t have to worry about your sunglasses getting mixed up again. To make these stylish flowery sunglasses, you will need a pair of sunglasses, hot glue sticks, a hot glue gun, scissors, and plastic flower beads (either from jewelry or from a package).


Classic Braided Bracelets

When it comes to adding some jewelry during the summer, the rule is to keep things simple. This DIY cute accessories for ornate jewelry can be too distracting and may cause some discomfort while you’re in the sun. Make a simple braided bracelet instead. They don’t only add a touch of color to every outfit; they also keep you looking in style. To make this chic accessory, you will need two leather cord strips, a clasp, jump rings, and a flat nose plier.

Fruity Design Handbag

You want to keep all of your summer essentials in one place, and your handbag is the best place to be. This DIY cute accessories tip can add some style to stand out and make a statement handbag. With a touch of any fruity design, you will surely stand out from the crowd. Prepare these materials: 1 black zipper (at least 12” long), 1/4 yard of green vinyl (metallic or clawed), 1/4 yard of white vinyl (pebbled), 1/2 yard of red vinyl (metallic or clawed), 2 D-rings (O-rings are an optional substitute), a metal chain (1 1/2 yards long), and 9 black buttons (16L/10mm).


Sweet Treat Kicks

For the DIY cute accessories upgrade for footwear, the classic choice is a pair of tennis shoes, but sometimes they can be a bit dull. So pick out the white pair you can take home and decorate. Adding some sprinkles to your shoes can be an excellent choice for the summer. To create these sweet treat kicks, plain white sneakers, an angled paint brush, multi-surface paint (the tutorial recommends DecoArt Americana), and a plastic paint tray are all you need.


By immersing ourselves in these enjoyable DIY Cute Accessories projects, we not only craft stylish accessories but also cultivate a sense of joy and anticipation for the upcoming season. The beauty of these creative endeavors lies in their ability to transcend the limitations of external circumstances and let us bask in the pure enjoyment of summertime creativity.

So, let the DIY adventures begin, and may your summer be adorned with the fruits of your creative endeavors!

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