7 Best Sunglasses For Kids This Summer


Sunglasses For Kids This Summer

Get ready to shield your little ones’ eyes from the summer sun with the latest and coolest sunglasses for kids. With all those daylight hours and outdoor activities, your kids need some protection for their little eyes against the sun. We’ve rounded up some top picks from the Best Sunglasses for Kids to ensure your kids not only stay protected but also look stylish. Let’s dive into the options that suit your kid’s personality and style.

The Best Sunglasses For Kids


These adorable Weefarers shades aren’t just sturdy enough but also come in a variety of colors. Plus, the frames are durable and bendable, too. The best part is that if you break or, worse, lose them within the first year, you’ll get a brand new pair for free! The Weefarers glasses are made with FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses that provide your kids with 100% UVA and 100% UVB protection. You can get sizes 0–2 and 2-4.

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Sunski Kids

Sunski’s kid-sized versions of Mini Dipsea and Mini Headland, two of the brand’s most popular frames, are both sustainable and stylish. The frames are made from recycled materials, and there’s no plastic packaging involved. That’s because Sunski participates in 1% for the planet, and the company itself is also carbon neutral. Furthermore, as one of the best sunglasses for kids, their glasses are polarized and 100% UV-resistant too. Plus, it also comes in sizes that fit kids ages 5–11.

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JUNiA doesn’t just offer a range of sweet styles for kids but also the gender-neutral ’80s-esque vibe of the POW sunglasses. It is one of the best sunglasses for kids because it is 100% UVA/UVB protected, durable, and stylish. They are also shatterproof lenses with unbreakable hinges in black, white, or red. This style is perfect for kids aged 5–10.

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Toucca Havana Brandon Polarized

Toucca Kids offer a classic style with some modern perks like 100% UVA/UVB protection, shatter and scratch-resistant lenses, pinch-free hinges, and polarization to reduce glare. These vintage-inspired and best sunglasses for kids come with an extra-large nose pad for a better and more comfortable fit. They also offer gender-neutral red Havana Brandons for kids aged 2–6.

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Real Shades Screen Shades

The Screen Shades are designed to protect your kid’s eyes not only from the sun but also from harmful damage caused by blue light emitted from computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more. It is one of the best sunglasses for kids to keep their eyes safe from outdoor and indoor activities. They also come in sizes 2+, 4+, 7+, and adult, with tons of different colors.

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Babiators – Jet Black keyhole

When it comes to protective and stylish eyewear for little ones—even bigger kids—babiators are a first-choice for parents in the know. The Keyhole is one of the brand’s newest glasses in the collection of the best sunglasses for kids. The black frames that come with smoke polarized lenses are excellent for kids outdoor getaways. They come in sizes from 0-2, 3-5, and 6 onwards.

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Under Armour Kids’ UA TUNED™ Gametime Jr.

This summer, trick out your all-stars with a perfect pair from Under Armour. They’ve got glasses with 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. They also look just like the adult version worn by professional athletes, and they’re impact-resistant. Their new styles this year for the best sunglasses for kids include Gametimes Jr. and Playmaker Jr.

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As we wrap up our exploration of the best sunglasses for kids this summer, it’s clear that protecting your little one’s eyes can be both practical and stylish. From the durable and colorful Weefarers to the sustainable and trendy Sunski Kids, there’s a perfect pair for every personality and age group.

JUNiA POW brings a touch of ’80s nostalgia; Toucca combines classic style with modern features; and Real Shades Screen Shades go the extra mile by safeguarding against both sun and screen glare. Babiators adds a playful, carefree feel, and Under Armour Game time Jr. ensures your kids sport the same level of protection as professional athletes.

Investing in quality eyewear not only shields their eyes from harmful rays but also makes a fashion statement. Now, armed with the knowledge of the latest styles and their unique features, you can make an informed choice for your little ones.

Ready to make your selection? Explore the links below to find the best sunglasses for kids, complete with prices:

  1. Weefarers – Prices start from $25.00+
  2. Sunski Kids – Discover sustainable styles starting at $48.00
  3. JUNiA POW – Embrace the ’80s vibe for $69.00
  4. Toucca Red Havana Brandon Polarized – Classic style for $50.0
  5. Real Shades Screen Shades – Sun and screen protection starting at $19.95
  6. Babiators The Agent – Iconic Round frame style for $38.00
  7. Under Armour Kids’ UA TUNED™ Gametime Jr. Sunglasses – Athlete-inspired shades from $85.00

This summer, let your kids not only enjoy the sunshine but do so with the added confidence of sporting the coolest and most protective sunglasses on the block. Here’s to a season filled with outdoor fun and fashionable eye protection!

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